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What is Action Learning? What is Action Learning?
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Facilitating the Individual

Sue Nash Consulting believes that coaching is about facilitating an individual to release their resourcefulness and have confidence in their capabilities in order to resolve his or her issues and reach their potential and beyond.

What Clients have said...

‘Coaching helps me to focus on an issue and sharpen it up by getting underneath the surface.  It is a release from the straight jacket.’

‘It is a process to force me to take focus on an issue down to something I can articulate and be challenged on – otherwise it builds up this thing in my head.’

‘It was useful to have MBTI to frame things around.’

‘Sue’s questions are well paced, useful and focussed.’

‘It helped to unblock my mind and feel more prepared.’



Action learning is a form of group coaching but we also offer one to one coaching sessions.  We would recommend a series of 6-8 one hour sessions at approximately six weekly intervals.  Distance is not a problem as many of our clients have found telephone coaching a beneficial way to overcome this.  We often include a session on MBTI Myer’s Briggs Personality Type Indicator early on in the coaching which clients have found beneficial.