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Sue Nash RGN, BSc(Hons), MBA

The key to success in any organisation is to harness the plethora of skills and energy that already exists amongst individuals and create an enthusiasm and focus that feeds back into the team and the organisation as a whole.

This is the basic ethos of Sue Nash Consulting based on the fact that what organisations really need are long term positive changes fuelled from within the organisation. 

In most cases it is found that individuals who work in teams and interact with others in the organisation, are keen to explore these relationships and understand how they can be improved from an efficiency perspective, but also to add to their own overall enjoyment and personal satisfaction from their role.

By empowering individuals to investigate and implement their own solutions and through broadening their skills and enabling self development, long term sustainable and positive change can be achieved.






Recent partners

Recent partners include:

  • The Department of Health

  • NHS South Central

  • Hampshire and the Isle of Wight SHA

  • RCN Scotland
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  • NHS Grampian

  • The Higher Education Academy, SWAP

  • National Leadership and
    Innovation Agency for Healthcare (NLIAH) Wales

  • Terema
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  • Cranleigh School

  • NHS Trusts across the UK